Warrior of the Week: Aaron Rodgers

As the onfield executive of the Green Bay Packers offense, Aaron Rodgers brings new meaning to the phrase “Work Hard, Play Hard”.

However, this post isn’t about football.  It’s about a fellow 8pm Warrior.

While I think Aaron has a ton of natural talent, I think it will be his 8pm Warrior ways that will put him in the NFL Hall of Fame.  When others relax or have fun at night, his teammates say that he huddles with his laptop and studies his next opponent…planning, thinking, gaining an advantage.

Nothing new for him.

He’s been working like this since the beginning, even though every NCAA Division I team declined to offer him a scholarship out of high school, 23 NFL teams passed on him in the draft, Brett Favre ignored him, critics doubted him, and thousands of football fans ran to New York and Minnesota chasing after the biggest “has been” in the history of the NFL.

Yet Aaron fought and conquered, never giving up.  That’s why he’s this week’s 8pm Warrior of the Week.

Curious about Aaron?  Here’s some reading material:

Have a great night!