Drink the Water

What should you do if you’re lost in a desert and someone brings you water?

Drink it.

Last week I wrote about my goal to “Be the Water”, and tonight I want to encourage those who need “the water” to use it when it’s given.

If you’re lost in the desert, don’t hope to find your way out.  Don’t wait for it to rain. Don’t be foolish and stubborn.

I personally have many regrets about hurting mentors, missing opportunities, and wasting “the water” when it was needed.  What a waste.

  • If you’re thirsty, drink.
  • If you’re dirty, wash.
  • If you’re a fish, swim.
  • If you’re a sailboat, sail.

No matter how strong we may be, there comes a time when we all need “the water”.  If we don’t take it, we may discourage those trying to help and delay the growth we need to help be the difference to others.

Drink the water!

Have a great night,



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