Warrior of the Week: Andrew Syiek

Meet Andrew Syiek, founder of 0260mkg.com and this week’s 8PM Warrior of the week.

Andrew shares my belief that many 8PM Warriors are motivated by an intense desire to succeed.  It’s what drives us to keep going when others rest.

Deep into the quiet night and early morning, we journey into our dreams and ambitions as the motors of our minds continue to whir.  We use the extra time to read, write, think, communicate, collaborate, strategize, and plan.

An 8PM Warrior aims to acquire more personal strength and knowledge to increase effectiveness, provide positive impact, influence colleagues, win clients, and help achieve higher goals; all the while finding better, faster, and smarter solutions.

Andrew is a true 8pm Warrior and someone you will find right there with you along the journey, giving generously and being gracious with his time.

His Background

Time spent and lessons learned in various industries throughout his 25 year career have taught him many valuable lessons.  I asked him to share his thoughts with the group today.

Andrew credits his early career experience at Eastern Airlines as providing a firm foundation in the fundamentals of customer appreciation.

“An important component of my creed is that first and foremost, one must be responsive to the customer’s need, pure and simple.  The minute you delude yourself into thinking it’s about you, failure lurks right around the corner.”

A stint as an international speaker with Students Against Driving Drunk (SADD) helped Syiek develop team building skills and an intense appreciation for both corporate social responsibility and the non-profit sector.  He believes in synergy and that together “We” equal more than the sum of our parts.

In later roles as Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer, Syiek set vision and strategy while developing corporate sponsorships, building corporate partnerships, managing financial metrics, reducing costs and increasing revenues.

His Thoughts

“Every day we open our eyes is cause for celebration and optimism. When you enjoy excellent health, intense energy, full faculties or if you love and are loved by others; the first thing to feel is gratitude.”

Andrew believes that life is best when considered an adventure from which every day provides a springboard for self-improvement as well as an opportunity to improve the lives of others.  Although goals are necessary and important; climbing the steps and scoping views along the way is equally as beneficial as savoring the scene from the top of the tower.

Syiek is also is of the mindset that problems are best viewed as challenges, because problems oftentimes are associated with passive apathy, but challenges are considered surmountable.

A life well lived is a life complete with diversity of perspective and experience. Each new experience provides a valuable new ability that will help you be stronger, smarter and quicker and each new aptitude provides greater available capacity for the next phase of one’s career.

His Latest Project

Today, Syiek is principal of 0260mkg.com. The primary mission of 0260mkg is to provide individuals, non-profit organizations and corporations with a full spectrum of a-la-carte marketing communications services.

0260mkg.com offers comprehensive marketing programs, promotion coordination, photography and digital media connectivity to insure growth, increase visibility and promote brand awareness for start-up, small and medium sized businesses.

You can connect with Andrew on Twitter @0260mkg or visit 0260mkg.com for more details and to get to know how this 8PM Warrior can help you.

Connect with Andrew Syiek

Your End Game

Warriors, what will you do when you finally “make it”?

  • Will you retire to Naples?
  • Sail around the world?
  • Buy a home in Telluride?

Help people?

Lately, I’ve been discussing the idea of making a difference in other people’s lives by being “the water” for those thirsting or stuck in the mud.  Not surprisingly, it has sparked quite a discussion on Facebook, Twitter, and the 8pm Warrior blog.

However, many are struggling with whether or not they can do something now.  Not at the end.

I agree.

The end game is tricky because no one knows when the end will come. There are no two month, two day, or two minute warnings.

Instead of waiting until you “make it’, why not go out and make something great happen today.  Make a difference.  Be the water.


Have a great night,


PS.  Don’t think you can do it?  Andrew Syiek reminded me of Scott Harrison’s story. Check it out below and join me by committing yourself to doing something now.


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