Big Changes or Small Ones?

Your choice.

So many people think they have a choice if they want to change or not.  However, reality is that we’ll either decide to make small changes as times and technology change, or make big ones when we get behind and have no other choice.

  • New technology is always being invented.
  • Public preferences and tastes develop.
  • Everything ages.

How will you deal with  inevitable changes?

8pm Warriors should spend some of their evening time researching, learning, and changing ahead of the curve, not behind it.  (Have you checked out Quora yet?)

Have a great night,


6 Predictions for the Next Decade

Since I spend so much time researching business, social media, healthcare, and technology, I thought it would be fun to offer some predictions for the next 10 years.  I’d love to hear your thoughts on these.

1)  Healthcare will become our largest monthly expense. With Baby Boomers reaching retirement age at the rate of 10,000 a day starting in 2011, demand will sky rocket for age related medical services such as joint replacements, heart operations, home care, and more.  At the same time demand for care rises, a shortage of caregivers (nurses, doctors, etc.) will cause problems with availability and access.  This will cause a significant rise in prices.

Unlike the 90’s and 00’s when the US found relief for the nursing/physician shortages by importing foreign workers, the next decade will witness the rise of demand from the growing and aging middle class in countries like China, India, Brazil, Russia, and India.

2)  Say goodbye to DVD’s, BlueRay Disks, CD-ROM’s, and any other disks you use.  While you’re at it go ahead and say goodbye to Cable TV too.  The internet will be replacing physical forms of transferring information, and will make driving to the Blockbuster to rent a movie a thing of the past.

3)  Facebook will become the undisputed center of the internet. Since it will control so much information and attention, it has the potential to someday become the largest company in the history of the world.  People will not only use it for connecting with others, but for shopping, video chatting, learning and other major activities on the internet.  Also, gone will be the days of filling out forms.  Instead, people will use their facebook profiles to automatically fill in information requests on nearly every website.

4)  Very few people will have computers at home. They will play games, watch videos, surf facebook, write emails, etc. on their mobile devices (iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, etc.) or tablets like iPad or Samsung Galaxy.

5)  Wires will become nearly extinct in the home. Cable, home phone lines, and USB type cords will all be replaced with wireless connections like 4G wireless internet (and 5G, 6G, etc.) or Bluetooth.

6)  An aging world begins to cause problems. In developed nations around the world, fewer babies will be born and populations will begin to decrease, changing the way people think about business, immigration, and real estate.  This will particularly be evident in Japan and Europe.

These are just my humble opinions, and I would love to hear your thoughts and predictions as well.  I would invite you to comment here on the blog, the 8pm Warrior Facebook forum, the 8pm Warrior Networking Group on Linkedin, or use the #8pmPrediction hashtag in twitter.

Have a great night (and decade)!


Picture Your Porch

Picture yourself sitting on your porch when you’re 70.

Are you sitting alone?

Will anyone care what you did tonight?  Last night?  Last year?

Will you?

For me, one of my biggest fears is that near the end I will feel overwhelming sorrow that no one around me cares about my war stories from these “8pm missions” I fight for every night.

I doubt I’m the only one.  Someone else must feel the same way.

We put our heart and soul into what we do and if we don’t include enough other people in our adventures, we risk being that old guy (or gal) on the porch telling stories to people who don’t remember, don’t know, don’t care.  We could end up lonely because we got so lost in our private war that we let everything, everyone slip away.

It’s Christmas Eve.

Go spend time with family.  Its nights like these when you fill up your porch with more than your colleagues, partners, and clients.  Include others in your battles.  Share your world with the other people you want on your porch.

We sit up every night working, writing, blogging, reading, thinking, dreaming.  But if we don’t share it, don’t include others, we’re destined to be the lonely veterans of a one soldier war.  Picture your porch.

8pm Warriors don’t have to do it alone.

Make it a Merry Christmas.