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8 comments on “5 Reasons Why I Don’t Protect My Tweets Anymore”

  1. Unfortunately our world has become a place where nothing is trusted. What if people can hack into our lives just by us putting something out there in Ethosland? Do not divulge personal information. Be careful you are on a legit site before you enter information. We live in a world of fear.

    But when it comes to something you would say in a public format? Why would you be afraid for anyone to read that? Now, if you are writing stuff that would embarrass you or your family & friends in ANY situation, just don’t write it.

    All of your listed points are very valid for business peoople! AND if you still fear what’s out there for everyone to see, you can do Google Alerts for key words or phrases or or Tweetanalyzer or a myriad of other apps available to monitor your online identity and anything posted that includes the identity.

    1. Great points Cheri! My rule is that I won’t say something on Twitter/Linked/Facebook if I wouldn’t say it at a convention. No need to fear. Transparency favors the best of us.

  2. Really glad to see that you have opened your twitter acct to that. I got the feeling that in regards to networking and engagement with people who you can help / can help you, you are totally keen to do it, and are right now growing fast in that regard. I’m sure we’ll speak soon, share ideas.

  3. Hey Saul, I’m glad that I opened up too. Got a chance to meet folks like you around the world and grow as a person. I always look forward to our next conversation. Thanks for the comment.

  4. I unprotected my tweets several weeks ago and my twitter is still not showing up in google. How long did it take yours? 

  5. When I protect my tweets and mention someone who is not following me ! Can he reply to my mention? I think no ! I mention a lot and no one replies

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