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It looks like the blog may be facing some problems with CSS programming behind the scenes and the menu keeps disappearing.  The joke is that a 7pm Warrior got jealous and tried to sabotage it.

Luckily, there is an awesome 8pm Warrior named Ryan Maynard who is helping get our blog back in shape as I write this.  That’s great, because I am just about to run out of hair to pull out.

He’s the 8pm Warrior of the week and I highly recommend you check out his stuff. It is no wonder he’s booked through September.

Check him out here: and

He’s generous, intelligent, and one of the nicest guys I’ve met through the 8pm Warrior community.  I highly recommend you connect with him.

Have a great night,


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4 comments on “Problems with”

  1. Looks like Dr. Maynard figured it all out and we’re back in action again.

    It’s funny how relationships on social media develop. I hear all the time how relationships formed on social media are superficial and meaningless.

    If that’s the case, then why did Ryan help me tonight? Why am I willing to help him now?

  2. So happy to see you got this all figured out. I was sad for you. I knew exactly how you felt – and know how awful the feeling is. You feel powerless, disheartened and let down. All because of a few simple bits of code!

    Keep on trucking. Your blog is great – and people are reading. It’s all worth the pain and anguish in the end. :D

    1. Christian, it’s people like you and comments like this that make me wish I would have started blogging sooner. You said it all. Powerless. Disheartened. Let down.

      It was the 2nd biggest day in the blogs short history, and half of it was missing. I was so glad it got figured out. Thank you for your support throughout the process, you were great.

      Thanks again for the comment! :-)

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