The Problem with Yellow Pages

If you’re paying money for Yellow Pages ads, but not investing in new media…you have a problem.

The same goes for newspapers, direct mail, and so many other forms of media that half of the country doesn’t even know exists.

Watch how these two young men treat the Yellow Pages. It’s an alien.

Makes me feel old.

I remember having classes in school on how to use the Yellow Pages. Now it’s a joke.

The average person pulls out their phone and searches for a business using the internet. Younger generations have never used the Yellow Pages, rarely read the newspaper, and hardly open their mail.

The world has changed. Those who haven’t, now have a major problem.

Spread the word. The Yellow Pages are dead. What’s next?

Learn something new each night,


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Published by Aaron Biebert

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14 comments on “The Problem with Yellow Pages”

  1. Hey Aaron,
    We just moved and this is the first time we didn’t immediately get a phone book dropped at our front steps. You’re right. I just use the Internet to find things!

      1. My husband was in sales and it was typical to do cold-calling from the yellow pages when all of the other taps ran out. Problem was some numbers and addresses were obsolete. Got a good conversation going that always started with an apology! HA!

  2. Not only is the Yellow Pages obsolete, but it’s ungodly expensive! I don’t know how they can get away with charging so much with such little return. 

  3. I’ll admit, they aren’t the first go-to for many people – but on a regional small town basis – I think they are still valid.  For instance, I needed a phone number for my local Mac Clinic (damn those macs) and the easiest, fastest way to find them was my little yellow pages.  To tap into dex/dexonline/enter name etc. is way to bothersome. I think marketers have been so involved in technology/urban markets that they forget millions of folks are still not as engaged or crazy about being on their computers all day.  Hard to believe, I know.

    1. Elaine, after getting more feedback, it does appear that there are many rural areas where people still use the Yellow Pages.  In those cases, I’m probably wrong.

      However, watching these guys with the Yellow Pages should be a good warning to marketers looking to reach anyone under the age of 35.

  4. Aaron, I agree completely, with the exception of the elderly, such as my in-laws, who have no computer, only use their cell phones to make outgoing calls to their children in an emergency, and otherwise have no interest in the internet (although I secretly believe my father-in-law may use the computer at the public library). Yet, this weekend I met a young woman who is in “sales” for one producer of yellow pages. She was passionate about how useful it was, and was so busy networking and selling that she had no time for social media. 

    On the other hand, I can tell you that my organization has recently decided to drop all of our individual physician ads in the yellow pages. Some of the docs are upset, but we can use the money saved for direct mailings of our physician directory to a wider region than covered by the yellow pages, upgrade our website, put additional folks on social media, and then some, given how expensive the ads are. 

    1. It would seem that I left out certain sectors of society that still uses the Yellow Pages.  The elderly are definitely still using them for sure.  
      I think your organization is smart to invest in the future.  The number of people using Yellow Pages is shrinking quickly, so it’s smart to be on top of the trend…not behind it.

      Thanks for the insight!

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