Picking the Milwaukee PGA tournament over the British Open

For all the non-golfers out there, let me start by explaining that this week in the world of professional golfing, there are actually two tournaments to play if you are a professional golfer:

1) The prestigious British Open


2) The US Bank Championship in Milwaukee.

Steve Stricker, a Wisconsin resident and native, chose to hop the pond and play the British this year and last. Very disappointing, however, for the hottest player on the tour, now that Tiger is gone, it was an easy choice: Milwaukee!

“If I was going to play the British Open, I’d have to miss this week, and this is a week I love playing,” he said. “I was going to have to miss Milwaukee, which is a tournament I’ve won. Later he said, “I’m going to play where I want to play golf, and if they don’t like it, that’s fine with me.”
– Kenny Perry (arguably the #2 golfer in the world right now)


While it is always disappointing to see local favorites such as Stricker, who serves on the board of the US Bank Championship, skip out on Wisconsin’s annual PGA tour stop…it certainly feels great to see internationally known golfers such as Perry choose Milwaukee.

It certainly gives me the “Milwaukee is Back” feeling.

I will be there at the tournament this week. It starts on Thursday and goes until the final round on Sunday. Should be great weather with some amazing golfers (and live music), so feel free to support your local Milwaukee PGA tour stop. There are many states, including Minnesota and Iowa, that don’t get that chance.

For more information on this big Milwaukee event, check out:


Enjoy Milwaukee!

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