No Such Thing as a Big Break

As a video producer & director, I work with a lot of creative talent. I also work with a lot of business leaders and entrepreneurs.

I constantly hear talk like this:

  • “I’m waiting for my big break.”
  • “That giant order was a big break for his new business.  Hoping I’ll get news like that someday.”
  • “I’m jealous of her because she got her big break before I got mine.”

After hearing it again today, I wanted to share a little insider secret.

The “Big Break” doesn’t exist.Big Breaks Come From Small Steps

Not only that, but it’s a damaging idea because some people are literally waiting for their big break. Instead of hitting the pavement each day, running for their life towards their goals…they are waiting.

They are hoping.

Every “big break” is really just a series of small steps.  The person got better every day. They made more connections.  They moved forward.

Then, they ran into the right person.  Big break you say?  Nope.

The right person isn’t Santa Claus, delivering big breaks.  The right person doesn’t help people who aren’t right for them.  They aren’t a charity.

You need to be ready when you meet the right person.  It won’t be your big break.

Just the next step.

Focus on the small steps tonight,

Aaron @Biebert

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Published by Aaron Biebert

I'm a director, film/video exec producer, leader & 8pm Warrior. I am passionately chasing my goals at all times. I'm listening. Let's talk!

8 comments on “No Such Thing as a Big Break”

  1. I think that there s more joy and learning and growth in the journey – so much so that when the hoped for “big break” comes, it’s not a shock, but a welcomed gift that was carefully and consistently prepared for.
    Great thoughts, Aaron!!

  2. This hits it on the head. Success is a series of small steps, not one big thing at once. Excellence as they say, is something you repeat daily, and not a one time occurrence.

  3. Well, crap! I’ve just been sitting here waiting for my “big break.”

    Just kidding. Isn’t it interesting how people think success is just some stroke of luck? Not quite. Success is the result of intelligence and a lot of hard work.

    Thanks for the great post, Aaron.

    1. Kenna, you’re a funny one. :-)

      It is interesting that people think luck will change their course. That’s why so many play the lottery…

      Thanks for the comment. Love it!

  4. Those who are waiting for “their ship to come in” (synonymous with “big break”) – once they meet that key person, or that golden opportunity comes along, they’re not ready. They have nothing, not prepared, caught snoozing..nada. You said it best, you need to be ready and that’s part of that daily seed time and harvest that come with being a professional in whatever it is you do. Whether art, parenting, business, we press forward.

    Always enjoy your posts, @Biebert:disqus thanks.

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