News Flash: Pinterest Isn’t Just For Girls Anymore

Pinterest is being invaded by men.  It’s true.

Ready or not, here men come!


I first heard about from a woman who was telling my wife that she and her daughter are addicted to “pinning” things and looking at “pins” all day.  Since I never want to miss the next big thing (addictive is indicative), my ears perked up.

That is until they started talking about the cute hairstyles, pretty dresses, and neat craft ideas they found on Pinterest.

I took a pass and let my wife be the pioneer on this one.
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However, about a month ago I started paying attention again after hearing that it was the #3 social network for time spent, #5 traffic driving social network (beat out Google+), and had growth of 400+% in the last six months.  On Tuesday, Hitwise tweeted that Pinterest’s visits have grown from 10 million to 17 million in just this month!

I also started noticing more visits to from, so I did some research.

This is what I found


There are men on Pinterest?!


I don’t ever want to be a latecommer to the next big party.  Plus, I was an art minor in college and enjoy graphic design & video production.  Many people (all women) told me that Pinterest was right up my alley.

So I signed up.  Yep.

Once on the inside, I found great infographics, inspiring quotesinteresting real estate, funny stuff, and other suitable “pins” for men.

I also learned how to braid hair too.  (You can’t win ’em all)

I might get kicked out of the men’s club for sharing these names, but to prove that I’m not the only guy on Pinterest, I’ve assembled the entire list of other men on Pinterest:

If you’re a guy on Pinterest, please post a link to your profile in the comment section below so I can follow you.  The more men I hang out with, the less feminine I feel.

In all seriousness though, I strongly believe this will become something big.


As an entrepreneur, I see the potential for businesses.  As a marketing thinker, I see the potential for exposure.  In the Attention Era, I see the best stuff in the world getting attention.

Essentially, it’s a visual version of twitter.  Instead of links, there are pictures to click.

17,000,000 people went on it this month, which puts it in the top 10 social networks in the world.

Pinterest is going to be big.  If I was you, I would check it out.

It isn’t just for girls anymore.

If you need an invite to Pinterest (it’s still private), I’ll send invites to email subscribers of my blog since I already have your email address.  Let me know if you need one.

If you’d like to connect on Pinterest, my profile is

Try something new tonight,


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37 comments on “News Flash: Pinterest Isn’t Just For Girls Anymore”

  1. Hey Aaron,
    When I signed up months ago I loved it. It allowed me to save things I’d found on Stumbleupon (visuals) and some of my artwork for future use. 
    Since then so many people I know have joined.
    I don’t use it like a lot of my friends, and I don’t know if I’ll stick with it (sorry!), but I can see the surge in users. For me it’s a place to dream.

    1. I like the way it allows me to bookmark cool stuff.  As with anything, marketers will make it less fun and more commercial.

      Then we’ll move on.  :-)

      Thanks for the comment.  No need to be sorry.  

  2. I don’t know, it still seems awful girly to me. Most of all I wonder about the time- how do people have time to hang out in all these different places.

    1. Jack, I agree with you.  It is very girly, which is why I made so many jokes in this post.

      However, I’ll bet that changes.  Facebook used to just be for kids.  Twitter was just for nerds.

      We’ll see.

      1. Great points, Aaron. I really think Pinterest can be used effectively for many businesses, as well as just being a lot of fun, no matter what your personal interests are. I’ve written a couple of posts about it for and I love researching those posts and finding interesting new users.

        Thanks for sharing a male POV of the network!

    1. Hi John, thanks for leaving the link.  I’m now following some of your boards.

      As for dresses and high heels, if I see that stuff, I unfollow the board immediately.  It’s saved me a lot of time/anguish.  :-)Thanks for the comment!

  3. Love this, but most of the men you highlighted need to get busy out there. Pinterest is here to stay – It’s my #1 visual bookmarking tool now & is only going to keep improving – the numbers don’t lie.

  4. I hate girly stuff (and I’m a girl) so whenever I see or hear of lipstick and high heels, I get real nervous. Ah, I think I’m going to need a little more time to think this one through . . . I rely upon you to keep me posted – maybe I’ll change my mind.

  5. Aaron Aaron…do I have to? Between this and Google + I am being bombarded with more demands on my time. Who’s going to show me the ropes? THAT is the only way I can figure out these new things that WE HAVE TO DO that crop up so often!

    1. Bruce, I’d be happy to help you out.  I understand the feeling.

      Here’s my recommended Pinterest strategy for men:1) Sign up for an account.  Let me know if you need an invite.2) Follow some of the folks I’ve mentioned so you have some friends.  As a man, I would NOT recommend following all of the boards of all of the people.  Just follow boards that are interesting to you.  Otherwise you’ll learn how to braid hair quickly.3) Click “Find Friends” in the menu area under your name and find others on Facebook.  Again, do not follow people, only follow boards.4) Click the logo at the top to see what others have shared.

      5) Below every picture will be a Name (who shared it), who they got it from (via), and what board they pinned it to.  If you’re seeing stuff you don’t care for, click on the name of board and unfollow that board.

      6) Anything you’d like to share with your followers (I will be one of them), mouse over the picture and click the “Repin” button.

      7) A new screen will pop up.  In the drop down box, select the board (or create a new one) that will serve as your folder for similar pictures.  I would recommend stuff for you about dads, kids, and other things you are an expert on or enjoy.  It’s okay to like it.

      8)Feel free to add a comment.  Don’t be too long, but blanks make it hard for people to search.  Click “Pin it” when ready.

      9) Go back to step 4 and repeat.

      10)  You’ll want to spend an hour at first adding enough content that people will bother to follow you.  Keep adding boards as needed.

      Congrats, you’ll be the 11th man on Pinterest now.  :-)

  6. The photographer side of me loves Pinterest.  It’s an awesome way to capture concepts visually that I want to try in future photo sessions.  (This is me: )

    I actually just blogged about this service a few days ago, encouraging people to use it as a visual bookmarking service to think through different categories of life ( ).

    I, just like you, came into it after I saw my wife using (developing an addiction to) it.  I currently use it to organize ideas more than as a social tool, but I’m sure that will change in the future.

    1. Hey Luke, thanks for sharing.  I just followed some of your boards now.

      Funny to hear that I’m not alone with the wife leading me down the path of Pinterest.  I bet that’s how most guys found out.  :-)

  7. Aaron,

    I found you on Jack’s blog, and I was pleased to read that there are men that are admitting to using Pinterest!  I find it one of the only things I can do and enjoy late in the evening.

    I’m interested in seeing how you use it for real estate.

    – Leora

  8. Aaron,  you KNOW that I am all over anything that has this much buzz and this much potential.  In full disclosure, however, you may or may not know that I am female ;-)  HOWEVER, while at first glance, one may be misled by the fashion pics and hairstyles (can’t WAIT to see your hair french braided BTW) once you start snooping around on Pinterest, you find that it is SO much more than fashion and braids.  If you love food (who doesn’t ) there are pins of food, wine, recipes and desserts.  If you love music (I do) there are pins of great music (and as you mentioned, clicking on the pin takes you right to the video…no mess no fuss no bother ) If you love photography (my alter ego) Pinterest is a great place to showcase your photography.  AND if you have a photography website, you can “pin” your photos from there so that, when a Pinterest user clicks on your photo….voila, they end up on your website!!  There’s not much about Pinterest NOT to like….
    Thanks Aaron….let’s swap hairstyle ideas ;-)

    1. Claudia, thank you for the full disclosure.  :-)
      Unfortunately, I just cut my hair, so no french braids for now…  

      I’ve noticed that you have excellent taste in photography and I have to say that I’ve enjoyed my experience with Pinterest so far, despite my gender.

      Hopefully others will too.

  9. Funny, I joined right at the biginning thinking it would be a great way to keep links to vids and images I wanted to remember. There was almost nobody on it, and it didn’t seem to be “girly” at all. Soon, though, that’s all I see – the waves of estrogen. I don’t know what happened. I still use it, but pretty sporadically.

  10. Ok, so let’s make this official here and now. I’m going to feature you and this blog post in the upcoming Wednesday’s Women of blog soup.

    ‘Nuff said, soul sista!

  11. look at all of the most popular items on ‘pinterest’..any self respecting man should be steering well clear…

    There is ‘Gentlemint’ if you feel the need to ‘share’ your favorite things with others. 

    actually just writing that just doesn’t feel right… 

    I think I’m going out to chop trees and fix trucks. Anyone wanna come or do you have an interesting recipe for ‘Potato and Leek soup that is simply to die for’?

  12. I’m new to pinterest and using it since I am in the social media industry. Here is my page – 

  13. I’m a guy, no interest in pinterest. I don’t care if it is the next big thing. There’s always a next big thing. It just doesn’t do anything for me.

    Passing google+ doesn’t impress me, btw. I have no interest in google+ either. It seems like a social network put out because google thought they should have one, not because they were solving a problem. It’s a shame, with facebook going downhill fast, google had a real opportunity.

    Then again, with their recent bad press about user tracking, I’m not sure I want to be part of a social network run by google that requires my real identity. Even if it rocked.

    But back to pinterest, I’ve looked at a few. OK – it’s neat. No, I don’t care to make any for myself and likely will skip links to pinterest boards in links.

    Just not my thing. Glad they found a target audience though, good for them!

  14. Fun read!  I was one of the 17 million recent signups.  One obstacle I’ve encountered is signing up my local nonprofit theatre in a business capacity, just for experimental purposes.  I couldn’t use my FB account because I already use it for Pinterest.  So I used our theatre’s Twitter account.  There is no option for email only.  So if your business doesn’t have a Twitter account, you’d need to create one just to use Pinterest.  Hopefully they get this worked out.

  15. I’ve decidely gone a bit butch for our company’s page in response to the style and fashion and craft items on pinterest.  and yes, i happen to have a vagina.  in any case, i just wanted to build a page that didn’t feel unisex or girly.  just a little raw and rough around the edges.  hopefully this can counteract the overwhelming tasteful stepfordness that’s totally overwhelmed what could be an otherwise amazing tool for everybody.  our page: kogibbq

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