5 Discoveries About the New Klout Topic Pages (Screenshots)

If you’ve never heard of Klout, click here for my thoughts on why it should matter to you.  There is plenty of debate, but I think Klout matters for leaders, teachers, and anyone who sells ideas through the internet.


Klout allowed me to preview the new “Topic Pages” this morning and here’s what I discovered along with my predictions about it’s impact.  I’d love to get your feedback.

To help with the discussion, I grabbed some screenshots (below). While browsing, I discovered that according to Klout I have the honor of being the #2 most influential person about Justin Bieber.  

Please don’t click off because of that.  It’s not my fault.  

Others are accidently influential too. In fact, Danny Brown is so influential in sheep, he was able to leverage his Klout score to land a huge interview on “Talk is Sheep” hosted by Dino Dogan.

Maybe I can now get an interview with Dino too?

Anyway, let’s get back on track. Here’s what I discovered this morning.

Five Discoveries About Klout Topic Pages:

1. Limited Relevance for Major Topics:

The lists are not very deep.  The new topic pages will only matter to a select few people and the PR/Marketing firms looking to target those people.  Only 10 people make the top list for each topic and there are no real subtopics (i.e. “Video Blogging” as a subtopic of the huge “Blogging” category)

2. Limited Number of Available Topics

My understanding is that topics are driven by advertising objectives at Klout headquarters.  It’s their site and they can do what they want.  However, I am surprised to see that Leadership is no longer a topic that anyone is influential in.  Too bad for leadership bloggers.

3. Potentially Positive Impact on Niche Topics

If you are a niche blogger or tweeter, you may find the topic pages helpful when looking for validation.  Danny Brown may be approached to give a speech about sheep. I might be asked to write a book about Justin Bieber.  Unfortunately, if you write about ultra small niches (such as leadership?), you’re out of luck.

4. New Content Discovery

If you write or share a really great article about a specific topic (and it gets reactions), you may be discovered by anyone browsing the topic page that features it. I’m curious to see how well it works.  We’ll see if it offers another alternative to content hotspots like Stumbleupon, Digg, etc.

5. +K Votes Don’t Help You Make the “Top Influencers” List

My friend and founder of Bundlepost, Robert Caruso, made the top 10 most influential in “Klout”, however he had no +K’s for Klout until I gave him one. The little meter was nearly empty. Writing a couple great blogs about the topic was enough.


The Announcement

When you log in, you’ll see something like this when it goes live.  All topics will then be clickable with a link to the new topic pages feature.




The Best Content Tab

Not only is Klout featuring the most influential people about each topic, but they are featuring the most influential content about each topic as well.

In this case (see below), they’re featuring Danny Brown’s rant against Klout on the Klout topic page.  Nice to see they aren’t censoring yet.

It’s also interesting to see who was influenced about each piece of content. Obviously they have some bugs to work out because I doubt only one person was influenced by the featured content.  In some cases, I saw featured content that had no one in the “influenced” column.



The Top Influencers Tab

PR and marketing firms are very interested in knowing who would be a good person to endorse or share their product.  This is Klout’s answer.

Looking around at various topics, it seemed to be fairly accurate about the serious topics.

Here’s where I learned that I’m second only in “Justin Bieber influence” to Mr. Bieber himself.  It’s too bad I’m not a teen girl.  I’d be in heaven! (You can see I have some friends who think they are extremely funny)


Visit the 8pm Warriors Facebook page if you’d like to see the top 10 most influential people for Blogging, Marketing, Klout, Politics, Social Media, and Technology. I uploaded multiple screenshots and I’d love to spark a discussion. Are these really the right 10 for each topic?

Have a great night,


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