Milwaukee: The Call of the Young Professional

Today I am proud to announce that as of 6:00 P.M. today, there will be two new young professionals moving to Milwaukee from Mankato, MN to start their careers. I happen to know a little bit more about this average couple because it is my sister, Marissa, and her great husband Josh.

Both thought they would never move to Milwaukee, but after college, they noticed that not only was Milwaukee beautiful and a lot of fun, but there were many great companies for Josh (an automotive engineer with a 4 year degree), and lots of great sports teams and quality high school/college athletic departments for her (an athletic trainer with a 4 year sports medicine degree).

Not only were great jobs and companies calling their name, but so was the great nightlife, and excellent real estate market. Josh plans on doing real estate investment and they both plan on buying a home once they get everything figured out.

Now these two aren’t the only young people moving to Milwaukee. As part of the FUEL Milwaukee initiative ( ) many young people are either moving here or staying here after college. The combination of great jobs, lots of fun, and an excellent quality of life have led Forbes Magazine to name Milwaukee one of the top 10 cities for young professionals in the US.

Welcome Marissa, Josh, and any other young professionals that are looking to find great careers and Enjoy Milwaukee!

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