The Very Rich, Very Poor, and Very Famous Get the Worst Care?

It’s not every day most people wish they weren’t rich and powerful.

In the recent media frenzy surrounding the sudden death of Michael Jackson, questions about effective medical care are surfacing.  In fact, Michael Jackson’s dermatologist Dr. Arnold Klein just went on record and commented that “The very rich and the very poor and the very famous all get the worst medical care”.  What a concept!

If this idea is true, then we have to ask, how can this be?

Insisting that the very rich and very famous get the worst healthcare seems completely ludicrous at first glance!  The upper class and high profile people are usually wealthy, connected with high ranking individuals, and get whatever they want. 

Unfortunately, that may be the very reason they get poor medical care in some cases. 

Because money and power can provide things unavailable to us non-famous people, it can lead to abuses in prescribing and monitoring of narcotics and other deadly pharmaceuticals.   After all, Michael Jackson’s doctor was quoted as saying to ABC  “No matter what he wanted, someone would give it to him”.


Powerful people (and their money) seem to have ways to convince otherwise intelligent and qualified providers to bend the rules, but in Michael Jackson’s case, it was lethal. 

The doctor who gave the drug Propofol to Jackson, Dr. Conrad Murray, was in a great deal of debt, as are many young doctors.  According to the associated press, Dr. Murray is hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt, which included defaults of student loans, unpaid child support, mortgage payments; among other things. 

Michael Jackson’s camp was paying Dr. Murray $150,000.00 a month to provide the late entertainer with medical care, so it’s no surprise that a person with Dr. Murray’s financial turmoil would jump at the chance.  

Considering the financial situation that Dr. Murray is in; it would not be surprising if he would be submissive to the medical requests of his client, even if those requests were unethical and illegal, such as giving Michael Jackson Propofol. 

On the other hand, a person who is poor and without the advantages of  a famous person will also sometimes not receive the care that they need due to a lack of money or access to quality healthcare.

Just something to ponder as we go about the care of humans who need strong care from doctors…not from pocketbooks.

About the Author:

Cordelia Ano Ellis is a Staff Writer with the Clear Medical Solutions Communication Team.  Her work is also shared on the Clear Medical Agency newsletter and the blog.

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