Hint: You Might Want to Get on Twitter!

Home Decor?

My wife woke me up this morning asking if the marketing team at Menards chose the picture below on purpose.  I don’t think so (see for yourself).  

I was going to privately email or tweet it to them, but they don’t have twitter or a public email address on their “Contact Us” section of their website.

Menards, click here

I figure this is a great teachable point of view for any big companies that are ignoring social media as a way to communicate with their customers.  Menards does around $8 Billion in sales each year, so they should probably be interested in this “new technology” called Social Media.  

(Menards, if you’re listening, email me at Menards@8pmWarrior.com if you’d like some free consulting on using social media to engage, listen, and respond to situations like this one…it’s for more than just marketing. If you’re really feeling adventurous, tweet @Biebert)

Here’s what I tweeted, let’s see how long it takes for them to respond. http://twitpic.com/56c05n

If you wonder if I’m making it up, feel free to check it for yourself on Internet Explorer.  I tried it a couple times, still there:

  1. Go to Menards.com
  2. Click on the “More…” link on the grey menu (far right)
  3. The picture in question is under “Home Decor”

What’s your take?  Is it time for big companies to get on Twitter?

Have a great night,


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14 comments on “Hint: You Might Want to Get on Twitter!”

  1. Definitely time for them to be on Twitter! Issues like this can go half way around the world in a matter of minutes. Still would be a disaster, but at least they would have realized it sooner and been able to fix the problem if they had any form of social presence.

    1. Brad, I hear you. Also, they are on Facebook (posted this article there for them), but haven’t posted in a while. So sad…

      BTW, the odd picture is still up. Maybe they like it?

  2. There is a contact form not two clicks from that page.

    Hint: the first click is the “Contact Us” in the bottom navigation.

    What evidence do you have that Menard’s customers prefer using Twitter to contact them?


  3. Hi Wolfy, thanks for the comment.

    I saw their contact form and even linked it into the blog. However, that doesn’t change the fact that they aren’t actively using Twitter (or really Facebook for that matter) to listen or engage.

    As for evidence that Menard’s customers prefer to use Twitter…that would be me. I prefer to use twitter, and I’m a customer.

    I’m sure there are more.


  4. When I got to their website, they’d already taken care of the issue. So they did something about that picture relatively fast.

    I wonder how that sort of thing happens. Disgruntled employee, maybe?

    At any rate, it’s odd that a business with a comparatively large online presence would stay away from dominant social networks. I mean, I can understand not being on Flickr or zooomr, but ignoring both Facebook and Twitter?

    Perhaps they feel the ROI would be insignificant.

    1. Bell you make some great points. Why wouldn’t they at least create an account just to monitor @mentions?

      BTW, I just checked in Internet Explorer, and it’s still up there. :-) I don’t see it on Safari or Chrome. Not sure why.

      The sad thing is that my wife did use their contact us form, so not only do they ignore Twitter and Facebook, but they ignore their own contact system too. Not smart.

  5. I see. I’ve been using Chrome most of the time now. Will try with IE.

    But Menards… man. What’s their excuse? Friggin’ Coca-Cola is on Twitter, and they have been incorporated since 1892. 1892!

  6. I don’t think they have an excuse for not being on Twitter. What’s even worse is this:


    No response. No short Facebook URL (i.e. facebook.com/Menards). No response at all.

    They also have no phone number to call or email address to email.

    I might try smoke signals on Monday if they don’t fix it by then. lol

  7. Did anyone else confirm this? If you’re only seeing it with one browser, and nobody else saw it, it might not be a problem with the Menards website at all.

    In fact, I could confirm this by looking at your computer (if you still have the problem) but that’s a touchy subject.

  8. Hi Jeremy, I wouldn’t post something like this if I didn’t confirm it on multiple computers on other networks. I had at least 20 people tell me they saw it on the Menards website.

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