Fighting a hard battle? You’re not alone!

In this tough global recession, many talented 8pm Warriors around the world are struggling with very difficult battles.  Dreams shattered.  Relationships broken.  Visions fading.

I have my struggles and I’m not alone.

Be kind.  Everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.”

– Plato

It’s interesting that thousands of years ago, Plato understood a fact of life that is forgotten by many today.  Even the most successful among us are fighting hard battles, yet sometimes social media and shallow modern communication methods make us feel alone on the battlefield.

We only share the good things.

After all, how many successful people do you know checking into a bankruptcy attorney’s office on foursquare, tweeting about their marriage counseling, or posting screen shots of their empty bank accounts on Facebook?  When people only share the bright side, it makes it easy to forget the battles we’re all facing simultaneously.

But let us not forget!  Let’s be kind, pick each other up, and make a difference in the lives of those around us.  Now’s the time to build character and relationships for the future.  Good times are ahead!

Let me know if I can help. 8pm Warriors have to stick together.

Have a great night,


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Published by Aaron Biebert

I'm a director, film/video exec producer, leader & 8pm Warrior. I am passionately chasing my goals at all times. I'm listening. Let's talk!

38 comments on “Fighting a hard battle? You’re not alone!”

  1. Wow! Thank You so much for this! It is more true than most people realize & it is good to know that & remember that Im not the only one who could possibly be struggling while seeing my dreams through. My Start up vision was born out of this *survival* & it is so much my passion that I cant walk away from it no matter what life throws at me. This was fantastic & something I needed to hear today. My hats off to you! TY!

  2. Hi Aaron,
    It’s my first time here.
    Nice little post.
    Yeah, I’m always tempted to bash people, negative thinkers for example. Thank you for reminding us to be more supportive instead.
    When did Plato say that? Like twenty five hundred years ago?
    We just don’t learn, do we:)

    1. Hi Derek, welcome to the 8pm Warrior blog. Glad to have you join the group! Thanks for the kind words.

      As for Plato, yes, that was about 2400 years ago. Funny how times change but people don’t.

  3. I love the posts I am reading today. I feel so blessed to be part of something so good and right. I know this journey, as I call it, that I have been on since February is good and right.

    I am drawn to you wonderfully smart, compassionate, ready folks. You are right, it may be smiling and giving a nod to that guy that just snarled at you is having his world crash down around him…. and giving just a moment of our time may remind him he’s not alone.

    I know that I no longer feel lonely. I know that people all around this amazing planet, there are people who have experienced the same, or are going through similar, have support to offer (even just a smiley tweet- it matters), advice to give.

    Great Post. I’m glad you’re there. Here.

    1. Hi Amber, after Trey Pennington’s suicide today, I’m doing some soul searching and reviewed this post and the comments. Looks like I missed yours.

      Amber-Lee, thanks for all the comments/support over the months. I want you to know that you have uplifted me.

  4. Aloha, Aaron, well said and, judging from the comments, timely as well.

    Each life as its own share of challenges. The perspectives from which we view them and choose to take action, determine our futures.

    A gentleman I met, Aaron, had as his goal to leave each person feeling better for the encounter.

    What I particularly like about that goal as it relates to your post is that it may seem like someone is “set,” however, we don’t know what’s really going with either their personal or business lives.

    We all need to know that people appreciate us for who we are rather than what we do.

    A kind word or a smile can make a big difference in a person’s day and, like the pebble thrown into the pond, can make a difference in the world.

    Best wishes for a wonderful evening. Aloha. Janet

    1. Aloha Janet! It’s true that we never know what people having going on in their lives…lot’s of hurting folks out there.

      I like the goal of making people feel better. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Stan, I just reviewed this post after doing some soul searching and I’m sorry I missed your comment.

      You are appreciated. Your comments and encouragement uplift me and bring a smile to my face. This video was great.

      Thanks for being you.

  5. Yes, the 8pm team, we should do what we can to support each other. Good post, Aaron. Let’s SKYPE now and then, talk about what we can do tht takes but a little time and consideration. I am all about that.

  6. Yes, the 8pm team, we should do what we can to support each other. Good post, Aaron. Let’s SKYPE now and then, talk about what we can do tht takes but a little time and consideration. I am all about that.

    1. Jessica, thank you so much for the kind words and generous offer. When reading your blog, I can always feel the authenticity.

      You are definitely a fellow 8pm Warrior. :-)

  7. Steven Covey said “Seek first to understand,” and Plato gives us the reminder of why we should try. Thanks for keeping us all focused on what matters :)

  8. Hi Aaron

    What a great blog and so true. I can say if it wasn’t
    for to close friends of mine I wouldn’t be back on twitter
    or fb and I differently wouldn’t be back to blogging.

    I hit a real bad spot in my life and it seems like nobody
    care or matter to me but my family. But all so because of
    my health I felt like a burden to my family but on Mom’s day
    my kids proved me wrong.

    So now I’m feeling better and I try and pass more positive
    things onto others. Like I had a follower think wishing some
    one a happy birthday was sick because we didn’t know each other
    that well. But that same day I had wished a new friend on fb a Happy
    birthday and it made her day because she was all along.

    I would rather be helping some one than thinking about me and
    what i can and can’t do because I’m not a victim I’m a Fighter.

    Have a great weekend
    Bonnie Squires

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