Entrepreneurs Don’t Need Stimulus, We Need Fewer Roadblocks

Most 8pm Warriors I know are stimulated enough.  Growing, hiring, expanding, and moving forward is what we do.

What’s holding many of us back is concern about the changing landscape and the potential risks involved.

I’m not an expert in all industries, but I know from experience with real estate and healthcare that government regulations are holding back significant progress.  More questions are being asked, fewer answers are provided.

Confusion is a killer.

  • Will the government add more regulations or spook the markets?
  • Will we get taxed more for certain activities?
  • Should we hire now or wait to see what happens with healthcare insurance mandates?
  • Can the government even make necessary changes?
  • Will it take me three years to get my patent approved?  (hopefully fixed now)

The economy will grow when there are more answers, less questions, and comfort with where government is headed.

Do you agree?

Have a great night,


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9 comments on “Entrepreneurs Don’t Need Stimulus, We Need Fewer Roadblocks”

  1. I think it is safe to say that those feelings are true in almost every industry.

    It is really sad that so few of our elected officials have never owned (or at least been manager for) a real business.

    This so called “stimulus” is just more smoke and mirrors out of the talking heads in Washington.

    It’s quite simple actually. To get the economy moving forward, people need more money to spend on goods and services. As goods and services are bought, businesses receive revenue which generates profit for the business (a good thing) and taxes for the gov’t.

    There are 2 ways for people to get the money they need (without resorting to a hand-out). One is to lower taxes on the general public which increases the money in their paycheck. The other way is to lower taxes on business which increases their ability to hire more people as demand for their goods and services increases.

    If you really want to get radical, implement the FAIR TAX (www.fairtax.org). The current tax system punishes those that are productive, and is ineffective towards those that circumvent the system (i.e. undocumented workers, illegal immigrants, and “under-the-table” payroll).

    To put it on a to-do list of things that will fix the economy here goes:
    1) Repeal Obamacare
    2) Implement the FairTax
    3) Pass a Zero-Based Balanced Budget Amendment (if you need help understanding what a real budget is, start listening to Dave Ramsey)
    4) Eliminate the concept of “career politicians” by imposing term limits

    It’s like Ronald Reagan said, “Government is not the solution to our problems, Government IS the problem.”

  2. Yes I agree wholeheartedly!! Fear and uncertainty is hurting my business. While I understand that some consumers are scared, the opportunities in my industry are hard to deny. I hate to think of the people that are missing a great chance to buy real estate because they are unsure of our future. Not saying it is the right time for everyone, just that market conditions and mortgage rates make today a unique opportunity for some.

  3. Exact same thing is happening in financial services. Same concerns you outlined, plus concerns about what Dodd/Frank means for them.

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