Don’t Steal Your Own Identity

Tonight, let’s talk about the one thing every 8pm Warrior will need for success:

A strong personal brand identity.

Do you think it’s smart for a company to have two names?  Probably not.

Just imagine if FedEx also ran ads for FederalEx.  For so many reasons that would be a disaster!

Why would it be any different for an 8pm Warrior?  In a modern world driven by brand recognition, search, and social word of mouth, it is no longer smart to use a casual name and a professional one.

Those days are over.

If you currently use two names, I highly recommend you pick one name and stick with it.

This means that you shouldn’t go by Mike and Michael, Kate and Kathryn, Andy and Andrew, Deb and Debbie, Joe and Joseph, etc.  If people meet Andy at the conference, they should find Andy on Linkedin, Facebook, or Twitter.  Not Andrew.

It’s okay if you like to be formal (not recommended anymore), you just need to be formal at all times.  With the internet (Bing, Facebook, etc.), it is very difficult to keep your two worlds separated.  We are just too connected and by using two names you are doing yourself a disservice and hurting your personal brand.

It’s hard enough to get people to remember you at all, and making them remember multiple names is not going to work.

Have a great night,



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Published by Aaron Biebert

I'm a director, film/video exec producer, leader & 8pm Warrior. I am passionately chasing my goals at all times. I'm listening. Let's talk!

2 comments on “Don’t Steal Your Own Identity”

  1. Good sound advice as usual! With the internet, the world is made so much smaller and the HIM community becomes more and more recognizable. As a traveling consultant, I often meet someone and we find a link in common, either personally or professionally.

    Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin have all had a direct and profound effect both personally and professionally. Part of that has been maintaining the correct spelling of my name, as it is one that people love to spell in it’s simplist form.

    Thanks for all you do Aaron. It’s all about connections.

  2. Jayne, thanks for the thoughts and kind words! It is so delightful to hear your encouragement. :-)

    As for the topic here, I realize that it is difficult to change old habits, but it’s even harder to do business these days in a less than optimal way. As you mentioned, it’s important on all the social media channels to be consistent.

    Many are not.

    Even my wife mentioned that she isn’t doing this. I didn’t even think about that and I doubt many people do. Hopefully this helps.

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