Don’t Just Prepare Yourself to Make Important Decisions in Life

Life is full of important decisions we need to make.

“Should I get married?”  “Should I start a business?”  “Should we have a baby?”

Just when you think you’re done with the tough decisions, they get tougher.

“Should I get divorced?”  “Should I close my business?”  “Should we pull the plug?”

Last month, a friend of mine had her pregnant sister (Emily) rushed to the hospital. Major problems.  Heart stopped.  Coma.

Now this:


Dear friends,

This is Emily. I am overwhelmed looking at all the posts saying you are praying for me and my family. Thank you so much. I am very blessed! I have been at home for four weeks now with around-the-clock supervision–gaining strength, and able to see this screen! :)

It feels strange to share this on facebook, but I want to give you an update so you can pray specifically if you wish…:

Two weeks ago, I had a 20-week ultrasound. The doctor told Andy and me that our baby will not live. The doctor further said that continuing the pregnancy is a huge risk to my life, so she recommended terminating the pregnancy. Our baby’s heart is still beating.

Last Thursday, we had another ultrasound which showed more fluid in the head than the previous ultrasound – not a good sign. However, the doctor seemed less urgent about ending the pregnancy at that appointment. We had my family with us to hear the details themselves and to be with us in case we had to make a decision then.

We have been praying and thinking and talking with each other and with our pastors and family and friends. Our current plan is to watch my health closely and to again have another ultrasound this week and see if baby’s health continues to go down or not.

Prayers for wisdom, patience, and peace of mind would be very much appreciated.

Emily (and Andy)

P.S. We are open to your thoughts and advice too.


Some life decisions are too difficult to make alone.

Everything we’ve learned up to this point in our lives will not be enough. When faced with the really difficult decisions in life, we can’t trust ourselves.

We are weak.  We are blinded.  We need more…

We need others.


If you have big plans for your life, be prepared.  However, you’ll need more than education, experience, guts, or money.

You’ll need your fellow warriors by your side.

Don’t prepare yourself to make the important decisions in life.  Prepare your network. They’re the ones you’ll need.

Begin the preparations tonight,


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16 comments on “Don’t Just Prepare Yourself to Make Important Decisions in Life”

  1. This is very true! 

    So for those Warriors needing a small friend for your small decisions, you’ve got one here. :) >>> TOF 


    Thanks Aaron for this.

  2. We are weak.  We are blinded.  We need more…”
    That teared me up…
    I don’t think any of us count on or can be prepared for the emotions that come with huge decisions and the confusion that can make it nearly impossible to make a wise one. I pray a lot, but I find answers in and with my closest relationships. I believe God gives us people in our lives to strengthen us and provide answers even if it’s only a shoulder to cry on or a listening ear as we trudge through trials waiting for clarity to come. 
    Where would we be without friends and family to strengthen us? 
    Thanks for this reminder, Aaron.

  3. The reality for most of us is that our lives are enriched and strengthened by others. There is a great benefit to all of us when we know that we can rely upon someone else to support us when needed.

  4. Hi Aaron

    LOVED this post! It’s so important to have a solid network of friends around us who can help us make important decisions in life. The time to start cultivating friendships is now, not when the emergency arrives. By then it’s too late and you end up hoping for the best from whomever is around at the time . . . 

  5. People that are a part of a decision are people who support the outcome: financially, emotionally, spiritually – every which way. Not try or wish, but do and pray. That’s how you really know who stands by you.

  6. Wow, Aaron. I love so many things about this message… the call to action especially >> Take responsibility for preparing others around you. Because as much as we pride ourselves on being Warriors, we’re going to face some heavy issues in life and better to not fight alone. Help others fight along side of you. And that means being proactive starting now. That also means being bravely vulnerable to letting others help you during those tough moments. Thank you for sharing your words of wisdom and thank you also to Emily (and Andy) for being a great example displaying the power of vulnerability. I will most certainly be praying for her and her little warrior inside.   

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