How You Spend Your Extra Hour Matters

Clocks are moving back today for Daylight Savings and we get something we’ve asked for:  an extra hour in the day!

I am fascinated by how people use their extra hour.

  • Many will go to bed at the same time, wake up at the same time, and get an extra hour of sleep.
  • Some will sleep the same number of hours, but wake up early to a day with one more hour.
  • Others will stay up later working on something special.

How will you use your extra hour?

Do more research?  Write a blog post? Spend extra time with family?

Or, just watch more TV?

What you choose to do with your hour makes a statement.

8pm Warriors will use it.  Others will lose it.

Have a useful night,


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The Secret Way to Find More Time in the Day

This isn’t a joke or scam.

Recently a group of scientists officially declared that time travel was impossible.  However, I did find a group of 8pm Warriors that discovered a way to extend each day by about one to two hours.

That isn’t much time, but it should be enough to finally work on the things you’ve always wanted to do with your life.


I don’t think they’ll mind if I tell you the secret.  I only ask that you promise to use it only for good.

It’s actually an ancient magic spell that you cast on yourself. It’s a bit different for everyone, however there is only one secret ingredient you must have:

Every day you must do work that you are passionate about.

That’s it.  After that, you may want to add something to increase it’s effects. Some add caffeine.  Others add nutrition, vitamins, hydration, natural foods, or other ingredients that give them energy.

It really works!  

I find that when I’m under “the spell”, extra hours magically appear at the end of the day. It works the same way for kids. That’s why you shouldn’t get theme excited at the end of the day.

Personally, my day has been extend by about 3 hours.  From 11:30pm until 2:30am are now magically available to me each night to do more work.  I still wake up at a normal time each day and drink absolutely no caffeine except when I stay up even later.  (For instance, I wrote this one at 4am last week and needed some Warrior tea in the morning)

It works for me and it will work for you too.

Do work you love.

Have a great night,


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Smart Sleep not More Sleep

“Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.”

– Benjamin Franklin
(author, inventor, physicist, & first American millionaire)

While I may interpret the word “early” a bit differently (i.e. early in the morning for both), I definitely agree with his point.

Work while it is day!

However, now the proverbial “day” is a lot longer.  In the modern era, we are no longer limited by lighting and availability of tools at night.

The only roadblock holding us back from staying up all night getting wealthier (finishing more work) and wiser (reading/learning/discussing), is our physical need for sleep.

While I would like to stay up all night if I could, there comes a time when even the most ambitious person will shut down. (side note:  maybe fellow 8pm Warrior Jordan Zimmerman could write a blog post called “You Sleep When You Pass Out”)

I tested it twice this week and ended up falling asleep on my laptop both times.

Sleep happens.

Unfortunately, I hear a lot of folks give people like JZ and I a hard time because they don’t think we sleep enough.

  • “If you don’t sleep more, you WILL die”
  • “It’s not sustainable”
  • “Sooner or later the quality of your work will suffer”


You don’t need more sleep, you need smart sleep.

The strategy is all about timing.  If you wake up between REM (Random Eye Movement) cycles, you will still feel rested even if you get less sleep.  Yes, even waking up at 3:30 am each day, JZ can still feel rested on 4.5 hours of sleep.

If you’re wondering how to figure it out, here’s a tool to use when calculating what time you should wake up based on when you go to bed or vice versa.

It’s called and it will help 8pm Warriors minimize their sleep, get more done, and still feel rested.

In closing, here’s a couple tips to make sure you actually go to sleep when it’s finally time.

  • Make sure you’re tired (work out more or sleep less)
  • No caffeine 5-7 hours before bed time
  • Deal with Sleep Apnea or other sleep disorders

I hope this post can help my fellow 8pm Warriors find a couple more hours in their day while their chasing their dreams.

Have a restful sleep,



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Your Scarcity Problem

Scarcity is the universal problem of having unlimited demand in a world of limited resources.  The concept explains the value of gold or oil.  They aren’t making any more of it, and demand outstrips supply.  Therefore it has value.

Time is even more valuable.

Just like gold, they aren’t making any more of it, but with Time there is an added wrinkle that you can’t truly buy it or take it.  We all get the same amount each month, each week, each day.

All you can do is use it or waste it.

That’s why delegation and strategy are so important.  It’s also why there’s no day (or night) like today to start using it to the max.

It’s no laughing matter for 8pm Warriors.  The clock is ticking.

Use it or lose it?

Your choice.

Have a great night,


The Value of Time

The value of time:
  • Is money
  • Is greatness
  • Is priceless

Whatever you think it’s worth, it is undeniably wasted when we use it on worthless projects, diversions, or people (if there is such a thing).

Now don’t get me wrong, I do think it’s a good thing to take some breaks and vacations or invest in relationships and hobbies (this is my hobby).  However, what you regularly do at 8pm when others are sitting on the couch watching TV, out on the town, or sleeping says a lot about how much you value your time.  It’s one of the reasons I don’t enjoy sleep.

It feels like a waste of something valuable.

NFL Hall of Fame quarterback Bobby Lane said:  “I never lost a game.  I just ran out of time”.

I think the same thing about life.  Don’t lose it.  Don’t run out of time.

Have a productive night,


PS.  Here’s another interesting blog post about time from 8pm Warrior Jordan Zimmerman:

Time is Your Only Enemy

It’s 1am…

It’s 1am and I just started writing this.

I’ve been working on a huge new project, and right now I’m putting together the entire social media package to go along with a new online TV show (vlog) I’m producing as part of that project.  Exciting stuff!

Am I allowed to be excited at 1am?

My whole life I’ve been told to “Go to bed, you’ll work better when you’re rested”.  I think that is BS.  Everyone has their time.  For some it is never…for others the motor is always running, even at 1am.

I work best when I’m on the hunt.

Some people will spend their entire life telling other people that they can’t do something or why “that strategy won’t work for you because it didn’t work for others” nonsense.

You are unique.

If you’re up with me right now working on something, I hope you’re excited about it too.  If so, I salute you.

Hunt on.

Have a great hunt!


Why Arianna Huffington was TED Wrong

Interesting message I got today:

“I saw this on TED thought it might interest you @8pmWarrior would like to hear your comments on it” – @SocialCharlie

I definitely have some comments on it, but first, here’s the video Charlie mentioned:

If you don’t have 5 minutes to watch it, I will paraphrase it for you:

  1. When she was already successful, Arianna Huffington (the Huffington Post Arianna) fainted from exhaustion, fell down, and broke some bones in her face.
  2. She met with doctors, scientists, and others to discover that the key to a more productive, more inspired, more joyful life is…getting enough sleep (contrast this with our current Warrior of the Week:  Jordan Zimmerman’s position).
  3. She is starting a new feminist revolution by telling women to literally “sleep their way to the top” and sleep deprivation is  a “virility symbol” for men.
  4. Sleeping will save the world.


Arianna, you’ve done some amazing things in your life, and you were an 8pm Warrior.  For that, I used to have a lot of respect for you.

However, I respectfully think it is ludicrous to tell those 8pm Warriors at the TED event that sleeping is the key to a more inspired life and I’d like to see Jordan Zimmerman give a TED talk to share the other side.  I’m assuming that one of the reasons you were wildly successful is the same reason that you fainted from exhaustion.

You were giving it your all.

One of the reasons that 8pm Warriors work late (and often sleep less) is because we want to; because we are inspired.  We’re busy.

  • We’re busy writing, reading, or watching TED videos.
  • We’re busy planning.
  • We’re busy making our dreams come true.

I believe that a person can sleep when they die or sleep when they’re satisfied.  Arianna, it sounds like your dreams have already come true.  Time to let others chase theirs.

Have an inspired night!