Time to Fire Your Marketing Director? #VideoMKE

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Why are so few companies using video for marketing? It’s ridiculous!

Someone needs to get fired.

As a director and producer, video marketing is a topic I’m very passionate about. I am biased, but what better way to connect people to your voice and your soul? Short of connecting face-to-face, there’s nothing better.

It’s expensive. Right?

Grumpy Cat on Video Marketing

Wrong. Professional video production costs have dropped significantly in the past five years. Limited budget? There are so many tools. Everyone has an HD video camera on their smart phone. How does every random band in America have multiple music videos? Heck, even cats have their own videos.

Why doesn’t your business?

Gone are the days of expensive media (VHS, DVD, etc.), all these new video apps like Vine, Instagram, Snapchat, and YouTube are free.


But what about Business to Business (B2B) marketing?

B2B clients are people too. Video works for everything. Anytime you have people involved, they are moved to action by passion, information, people, and music, all core strengths of video as a medium. I challenge you to post one marketing scenario in the comments below where video marketing would not work.

Need examples? One small (but growing) business who sells directly to consumers and other businesses is basically putting on a clinic about how to use video…and it’s working. Take a peek at Johnson Creek Enterprises:

“How to” videos (5,500 customers know how to use their new item)

Company soul (2,200 spent 8 minutes watching what kind of company this is)

Unboxing (2,900 customers more comfortable with making a purchase)

Product launch (2,400 now aware that this company listens to requests)

Celebrating milestones (3,500 fans learned that this company has exciting plans ahead)

Of course these are just a couple examples from one company. Hardly proof, but they’re not Exxon Mobil. You don’t need millions of views (or dollars) to make video work for you.

Now lets get back to the whole business of firing one’s marketing director. Great leaders use their intuition and look around them. If you need to read a blog post like this to know you’re missing the boat, you probably shouldn’t be on it.  Video allows brands to share passionate, personal, relevant pieces of content for their community for free. 

If you don’t know that by now, then yes, it’s probably time to find a different line of work. This is old news. Boring.

Video marketing isn’t even experimental. It’s a clear cut way to reach people with your message in an increasingly connected and visual world.

If you’re not paying attention to trends, you need to get a different job.

Sorry for the rant tonight,

Aaron @Biebert


PS. I’m not criticizing people that don’t know how. I’m criticizing people that don’t want to know how.

If you’re in the Milwaukee area, I’m giving two free talks at the American Marketing Association and Social Media Club on the subject as part of my #VideoMKE series. Feel free to join us.

Here’s the fun trailer we put together:



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9 Steps to Succeed in the New World (Commencement Address)

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It’s May and that means graduation season.  Right now millions of college graduates are chasing a limited number of jobs. It’s a war out there and the time has come for students to turn into warriors.

Every year, I write a commencement address and here are my notes for 2011.  Please add your tips in the comment section or on the 8pm Warriors Discussion Forum on Facebook.

Here is just one 8pm Warrior’s simplified plan to succeed in the “New World” we all face:

1)  Commit to something bigger than yourself.

It’s harder to quit on something more important than yourself.  Have a goal. Be on a mission. Change the world. Save a life.

If you want to succeed, you must commit yourself to doing something big. Go big or go home.

2) Figure out what you love to do.

I guarantee you will not succeed doing anything you don’t love.  It’s just too hard these days to conquer the challenges you will face if you don’t love your work.

I am convinced that no matter what, if you do what you love, you will find a way to make money.  The internet allows passionate people to make money on niches.

3) Start doing it. Now.

If you don’t love what you’re doing, make a change.  Don’t put it into your 5 year plan.  Start today.  Even if you have to get/keep your day job, get an 8pm Warrior job and then listen, learn, and begin tonight.

4) Meet others who love what you love.

Few people can win alone anymore.  The world is too complex and we need people to pick us up when we’re tired, broken, and failing.  It’s a war out there, and you will fail, fall, and need help.  Find others, learn from them and win.  Together you are stronger.

5)  Be different.

There is too much in this world:  too much information, too many things, too many messages, and too many people.  If you’re a “One in a Million” type of person, that isn’t good enough anymore.  That means there are 6,800 other people just like you out there, and they are all connected on the internet.

You need to stand out, find a niche, and be unique.  You need to be the lone zebra in a stable of horses at the dude ranch.  Guess which one everyone will want to ride. Be the zebra.

6)  Make long-term plans, not short-term ones.

If you’ve committed yourself to something special, keep your eye on it.  Make short-term adjustments, but focus on the big picture.  It’s too easy to get distracted these days, so you need to be working towards long-term goals.  Don’t waste energy on achieving short term goals.  Everything should lead toward the end goal.

7)  Work until you drop.

Once you’ve got a focus, a method, and a plan, you need to work it until you pass out.  Don’t forget about your family, but do forget about long vacations, spa days, and “hanging around the house”.  Tick, tock, tick, tock.  You are getting older, the world is moving forward.  Rest when you make it or you die.

8 )  Don’t be selfish.

You will need to give things, thoughts, and time away before you get anything in return.  I’m not sure exactly why, other than people like nice people and are willing to help them in return.

Give, give, give.

9) Take your magic step.

If you will succeed, there will be one magic step only you will discover.  The very nature of our world is that we cannot all have the same path, the same steps towards our dreams.  You will need to take a unique step along the way, and it will be something that only you will find.

Call it magic or whatever you’d like, but you’ll need it and I can’t tell you what to look for.

It might be like the moment Bill Gates quit college to start Microsoft or when Mark Zuckerberg pushed send to share Facebook for the first time.  We all have a step in life that we will need to take to achieve our dreams.

When you see yours.  Take it!

Let me know if I can help.

Have a great life,

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Presentation Day

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In preparation for my HFMA webinar today, we’ve taken the last week to discuss Social Media in healthcare, and how it can be helpful for work related activity.  Obviously there is a lot of information out there and so much changes every week.  Don’t hesitate to ask a question on the comments section below if you have one.

For all of my friends in the HFMA, feel free to join us at noon Central today for my presentation called “Making Social Media Work for You”.  I plan to make the case for why it’s important in the professional world, and spend some time helping ease the transition into the world of Social Networking.

Space is limited for this free webinar, so reserve your seat now at: https://www1.gotomeeting.com/register/402846665.  After registering you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the Webinar.

Have a great day!


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Linkedin for Healthcare 101

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Linkedin does such a great job of keeping you in contact with your professional network that I personally believe it will replace your Rolodex or address book.  It’s inevitable.

It updates itself, allows you to ask questions of your entire professional network in one shot, and keeps you in touch with your offline groups and associations.  With a new member every second, it won’t be long before nearly every one of your colleagues is on it.


The first step is to register on Linkedin.com and go through the setup process.  For help on getting started, make sure you follow each step and check out this guide for new Linkedin users.

In the Information Age, people can Google your name and find out if anyone’s complained about you online, anytime you’ve been in the local paper, or just about anything else that people write about you.  When using Linkedin, you will be able manage the information that’s publically available about you and create a search result that is positive, professional, and near the top of the search results.  This is especially important for leaders, physicians, and others who depend on their reputation for their livelihood.

You can also gain new information and insights from other professionals in private group settings.  This can come in handy if you have a simple problem/question, but don’t want to pay a consultant for the answer.  Your peer network can and will help.  I use several groups to get peer support all of the time, and I swear by it.  Guide to asking questions on Linkedin

In the coming years our industry will face severe shortages for just about every type of work.  One benefit to Linkedin will be the ability to post job openings or do networking in order to find the right candidates for openings in your department.

Just like facebook, some great communities have formed on Linkedin to provide peer support and helpful Q&A.  Here are some of my personal favorites:

I would recommend using the search box on the top right of the Linkedin screen to find other associations that you are a member of offline.

If you have any questions, feel free to post them as comments below.  I’ll try to help you out!

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