The Lonely Life

Most modern warriors walk alone…

The following comment by Jim on a previous post shares my feelings about how lonely it can feel if you don’t have other 8pm Warriors to share the journey:

“I agree with you, but will admit that I do miss the steady diet of being around people who are committed to their dreams…”

It’s one of the reasons I started this blog and the Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin 8pm Warrior communities.  Despite being very blessed with amazing business partners in some of my ventures, many times I still feel lonely.

Do you?

Take a minute and join us on one of the forums, introduce yourself, tell your story, and don’t be lonely.  Together we can prove that you’re not alone.

Have a great night,


Your Inner Warrior

I believe we have built in warrior instincts that were useful during a time when people had to defend their families, their businesses, and their homes.

Humans are still wired for war.

If you don’t agree, just watch sports fans on game day (or mothers shopping for exclusive Christmas gifts).  We still like to go head to head.  We like to conquer.  We like to crush the dreams of our competition (just ask Packers and Steelers fans today).

No one forces or pays us to get dressed up for the “battle”, engage in pregame “smack talk”, or tie our emotions to the success of people we’ve never met.

It’s just how we’re wired.

Leaders, how do we get our team members to put the same kind of enthusiasm and energy into battles we face every day as a team?  How do we get them to wear our logos, tell their friends about our victories, and feel personal emotions when we lose or win together?  How do we release the “Inner Warrior?”

Good question.

I don’t have the exact answer, but here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • Do you have employees or “team members”?  (I think it matters)
  • Do you share team stats (financial reports) and the game plan (strategy and vision), or do you keep them in the dark?
  • Do you help them feel like they own the project, or are you too busy reminding them who is boss?

I believe that the sky is the limit for 8pm Warriors who can release the inner warrior of their team members.

Have a great night,


Warrior of the Week: Aaron Rodgers

As the onfield executive of the Green Bay Packers offense, Aaron Rodgers brings new meaning to the phrase “Work Hard, Play Hard”.

However, this post isn’t about football.  It’s about a fellow 8pm Warrior.

While I think Aaron has a ton of natural talent, I think it will be his 8pm Warrior ways that will put him in the NFL Hall of Fame.  When others relax or have fun at night, his teammates say that he huddles with his laptop and studies his next opponent…planning, thinking, gaining an advantage.

Nothing new for him.

He’s been working like this since the beginning, even though every NCAA Division I team declined to offer him a scholarship out of high school, 23 NFL teams passed on him in the draft, Brett Favre ignored him, critics doubted him, and thousands of football fans ran to New York and Minnesota chasing after the biggest “has been” in the history of the NFL.

Yet Aaron fought and conquered, never giving up.  That’s why he’s this week’s 8pm Warrior of the Week.

Curious about Aaron?  Here’s some reading material:

Have a great night!


Too Good to be True?

Do you ever use this saying?

“If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.”

An Unlikely Creation

I’ve used this phrase many times to offer “sage advice” to others. However, after thinking about it, I will never, ever use it again. It’s a cheap, easy, misguided way to make a decision if you’re looking to make something big happen with your life.

It’s a mindset problem and is one reason why most people set their goals so low or don’t believe in chasing the dreams of their youth anymore.

The key question is:  Who or what defines “too good to be true?”  Our own past experiences? Others?

If using either of those options, most people might as well give up their 8pm Warrior ways.  The opportunities we work so hard for are not supposed to be like anything we (or others) have seen before.

Isn’t unimaginable success the whole point?

Here’s a better idea.  Instead of teaching cheap sayings that breed fear and  rule out most  life changing opportunities (joining a startup, leaving your long-time employer, etc.), let’s teach our kids, friends, students, or employees HOW to look at each opportunity with an educated eye.

There are many bad opportunities out there (see my MLM post last week), but there are also good ones too.

Some are so good; they just couldn’t possibly be true…like helping start Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Zimmerman Advertising, <insert your favorite 8pm Warrior startup success here>, or Clear Medical Solutions.

8pm Warriors have to use a better way to judge opportunities.

Have a Great Night!


It’s 1am…

It’s 1am and I just started writing this.

I’ve been working on a huge new project, and right now I’m putting together the entire social media package to go along with a new online TV show (vlog) I’m producing as part of that project.  Exciting stuff!

Am I allowed to be excited at 1am?

My whole life I’ve been told to “Go to bed, you’ll work better when you’re rested”.  I think that is BS.  Everyone has their time.  For some it is never…for others the motor is always running, even at 1am.

I work best when I’m on the hunt.

Some people will spend their entire life telling other people that they can’t do something or why “that strategy won’t work for you because it didn’t work for others” nonsense.

You are unique.

If you’re up with me right now working on something, I hope you’re excited about it too.  If so, I salute you.

Hunt on.

Have a great hunt!


Do You Slow Down Traffic?

Do you ever notice how drivers, even when they have the right of way, will slow down or stop if an oncoming vehicle shows signs of turning…even if there is no signal?

People can sense hesitation.

In your organization, you need to be careful you’re not causing people to slow down or stop because they’re waiting for you to turn or make a decision.  Either signal and make a turn, or drive consistently, but don’t just sit there without a signal.

It slows down traffic.

Leaders need to make decisions, signal them, and move.  People are watching.

Have a great night


Three Brave Words

“I was wrong.”

A warrior has to be confident that they will win every battle.  But what about when “winning” means losing?

Sometimes I get myself into stressful situations by taking on the whole world at once:  meeting deadlines, getting places on time, responding to everyone in a timely fashion, getting finished work sent out, etc.   Many times my wife will provide support as needed or help get me out the door to an event.

Believe it or not, sometimes I’m not always pleasant while she’s helping me.

Here’s where it gets hard for us 8pm Warriors.  We try so hard to take on the world and achieve our dreams, but along the way we may hurt the people we love (and need) because of the condition we leave ourselves in while working late, taking on too much, running, pushing, chasing.

Saturday morning I was rude to my wife because she brought blue socks instead of black when I was late for a luncheon I had.  I was irritated and acted like she was on the opposing side…

I was wrong.

When you spend your whole life trying to be perfect, these words are so hard to say. It’s so hard to admit that you’ve failed.  However, there is still a place for bravery in a modern world, and it takes bravery to do what is right when you’ve done something wrong.

I thought about it on my way home and apologized to her.  It’s amazing what kind of healing goes on when someone apologizes.  They love us, they understand us.  And it means the world when we are honest when we are wrong.  The human side is refreshing.

Just a reminder from one warrior to another.

Have a great night!


Warrior of the Week: Ryan J. Sheets

Meet Ryan J. Sheets, the VP & COO of Clear Medical Solutions, an innovative healthcare staffing & consulting firm that is changing the healthcare world.

Ryan is the best person I have ever worked with.  Ever.

  • He’s always thinking.
  • Every client loves working with him.
  • Every team member loves working for him.

Healthcare is a 24/7 world, and Ryan has given up thousands of hours of sleep and “personal time” to support his team or help with complex client needs, regardless of what hour they may pop up.

Sometimes he’s a 3am Warrior.

Yet, never does he complain.  Never does he snap on his colleagues or clients, no matter what they do.  He gives.  He gives. And then he gives more.  Just when you think there is no more to give…

…he gives some more.

He’s a true servant leader and his passion for people is helping change an industry.  This probably sounds ridiculous, but after working with thousands of people, he is the best I have ever worked with.

That’s why he’s this week’s 8pm Warrior of the Week.

If you know another 8pm Warrior that deserves to be featured, please let us know by sharing a link to their blog/website in the comment section, tweeting @8pmWarrior, or posting info on the 8pm Warrior facebook forum.

Have a great night!