Boston Marathon Tribute Video – All I Can Do

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I saw the graphic photos and the footage of the bomb going off at the Boston Marathon and it shook me too.

Boston Marathon Bomb Victims

I had friends running that race.

Yet, here I was in Milwaukee.  Powerless.

I couldn’t clear blast debris.  I couldn’t carry victims to safety.  The Red Cross didn’t need blood.  I couldn’t chase down the cowards who bombed the race.


So I did all I could do.


I’m a video guy.  I made a video, so that nobody would forget the heroes and victims…so nobody would minimize what just happened.

Nobody is powerless to help.  We must all do what we can.  Blog, tweet, share, pray, encourage.  Whatever we can.  We must.

Have a safe night,

Aaron @Biebert

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  • Betsy Cross

    Thank you, Aaron. I hope your friends are okay. This is craziness. The more it sinks in- how close to home this is- the harder it gets.

  • Aaron Biebert

    You’re welcome Betsy. Everyone that I knew in the race is ok.

    Like you said though, this is craziness…

  • Pioneer Outfitters


    We must.
    My friend, you are such an important person in my life and this is only one example of why.
    Thank you.

  • Aaron Biebert

    Amber-Lee, you are important to me too. Always love your encouragement. Need it.

    Thank you!

  • JC Feeley

    Well done Aaron…it’s tough to watch, but you found a perfect backtrack to help tell the story. So glad everyone you knew came home safe.

  • Aaron Biebert

    Thanks. Glad you like it. Tough to make as it was to watch…so sad.

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