Are You Proud of Your Battle Scars Yet?

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I had dinner with my brilliant friend and fellow Milwaukeean Phil Gerbyshak the other night and he showed me the largest scrape I’ve ever seen. It went from his hand up the entire length of his arm…biking accident in Portland. (Wouldn’t be surprised if my buddy Robert Caruso had something to do with it, he’s trouble.)

8pm Warrior - Proud of Scars

It made me think.


It’s amazing how people are so proud of their scars once the pain is gone. I know I am.

I immediately dove into the lake the other day after my phone fell out of my pocket and off the boat. I somehow managed to grab it in the depths of the lake before it sunk to the bottom.  The phone was ruined, but I was so proud of it when I came back to the surface.

Proud of my broken phone?


Someday will I be proud of my big failures?  Will I be proud of the many mistakes I’ve made?

I’m not sure.  Some of these events are still so painful.  However, I will be proud I kept going…kept fighting forward.  The scars will be proof.  They will remind me of where I’ve been, who I am, and how I got to where I am now.

Precious reminders.


If you’re still in pain over your failures, I wanted to drop you this note tonight and tell you that someday you’ll be proud of what you’ve gone through.

We are warriors.  These battles we fight are painful.  Most quit.  We get hurt.  We have scars.

Be proud of them tonight,

Aaron @Biebert

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  • Pioneer Outfitters

    It wasn’t until I came to this understanding, this exact fact, that in every part of my own life, real and positive changes began to happen. This is huge. I am so very happy you were inspired to share this.

  • Aaron Biebert

    Thanks for the encouragement. Sounds like you’ve got a couple battle scars yourself. Good to know I’m not alone…

    Thanks for the comment!

  • Lydia Joy Ness

    Absolutely agree. Thanks for the reminder!

  • Aaron Biebert

    You’re very welcome Lydia! Thanks for the encouragement. I appreciate your comment. :-)

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