An Ultimate Goal in Life – What’s Yours?

Have a family?

Buy a home?

Retire someday?

Like you, I work too hard to be satisfied with common achievements.  I’ve always set big goals, but struggled to figure out my ultimate goal in life.  I just told myself to keep planning, working, pushing, and winning and I’ll end up somewhere great.

Unfortunately, the “just keep trending upward” strategy doesn’t work well when facing multiple losses.  There were times I couldn’t tell where I was headed.

I know I’m not the only one, so let’s look to the future, set one ultimate goal for our lives, and “accelerate through the corner” as the economy improves.

The pains many of us feel will go away and the time will come when we look back and smile fondly on the day we decided to restart, relearn, or relaunch ourselves into the world.

Maybe that day is today.

Last week I finally figured out my ultimate goal in life and I’m going to share it tomorrow with five reasons I believe in the “Go Big or Go Home” goal setting approach.

Sometimes people define their goals, other times goals define their people.

I’m ready to be defined.

Have a great night,


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Published by Aaron Biebert

I'm a director, film/video exec producer, leader & 8pm Warrior. I am passionately chasing my goals at all times. I'm listening. Let's talk!

30 comments on “An Ultimate Goal in Life – What’s Yours?”

  1. I think everybody’s different, but for me I don’t feel it is that important. Unless though I was to phrase my ultimate goal as being something like not losing sight or focus on what is important, etc… People find contentment in different ways.

    1. Adam, I think that’s a fair response. I’ve been called crazy before due to my obsession with big picture…maybe this is too far.

      Thanks for the comment and offering honest feedback. Much appreciated.

      1. I have two short term goals filling my head and heart right now.
        1. Get out of this damn office chair, which I will do at 3pm on Thursday.
        2. See my wife and kids after 6 weeks apart, which I will do around lunchtime at AJ Bombers one week from today.

        Big goals?
        1. Never borrow money again (just lost a house, something I never want to do again)
        2. Give so much to others people think I am nuts.

        Now on to the next big thing to make those 2 things happen.

  2. Sometimes, you just have to wait until the shine wears off. Like they say in Cold Play’s song, Lost.

    Who are you? What can you hope? What will you do in this world?

    These are the big questions. Philosophers, kings, poets, and prophets have asked themselves and us for answers throughout the ages.

    Keep on asking them – even if you think you have all the answers. Like me, you will observe that the answers will grow, deepen, and uplift. And, yes, they will heal you.

    Never doubt that you can love. Or inspire. Do amazing things – whatever you hope and dream them to be. Because you are amazing.

    1. Stan, that was insightful. Thank you.

      Yes, this “Ultimate Goal” idea is kind of a big deal and not that easy to figure out. Thanks for adding your voice to the discussion.

      I am really curious to see if my call to action is too much.

    2. Stan, that was insightful. Thank you.

      Yes, this “Ultimate Goal” idea is kind of a big deal and not that easy to figure out. Thanks for adding your voice to the discussion.

      I am really curious to see if my call to action is too much.

  3. I’ve always wanted to change the world in a grand and lasting way. As I’ve gotten older, I think I’ve narrowed that a bit. I’d like to positively effect as many people’s lives as I can. Selfishly, I want to be remembered… and remember as someone who really cared to make this world a better place.

    If I could pick anything to focus that energy in, it would be to help move humanity to a point where space travel for everyone is possible.

    Like Donald Williams, a NASA astronaut said “For those who have seen the Earth from space, and for the hundreds and perhaps thousands
    more who will, the experience most certainly changes your perspective. The things that we share in our world are far more valuable than those which divide us.”

    It’s either this or “forced education” for every human in the world to watch Star Trek: The Next Generation. Actually now that I think about it, this may be cheaper and have the same effect as the space thing. Added bonus, even more people will love Patrick Stewart! :)

    1. Nick, it seems like you and I have the same belief in changing the world. Your goal might be more fun than mine…

      I like your specificity and I’m really curious to see what you think about my post tomorrow.

  4. Aaron. Wow, what a lead.
    Really? I want to make a difference, to do what I was born to do for Him, when He calls! (really) I also really in my most pure part of my heart and soul.. to be part of something. Something good. Special. Right.
    Oh, I really also really want my house finished, so we can move. Really.
    (what time zone are you in?)

    1. I hope you liked the lead. :-) (really)

      I have a similar drive to make a difference and follow my heart and my calling. The key was figuring out a concrete way to define that so I had a specific goal to chase.

      Also, I’m in the Central Time Zone (Milwaukee).

  5. I’d say I’ve reached my ultimate goal, in that I’m happy – I live a fulfilling, peaceful life and I enjoy every moment of it.

    Now that I’m in this space, I can work on all of the other goals I’m passionate about, and I can do it with much greater strength and determination than I could have, before.

    I know I can change the world… just a little, or a lot, and I’m going to enjoy doing all I can towards those aims. :-)

    1. Hi Les, thanks for sharing. I’m glad to hear that you’ve reached your ultimate goal. I hope I get there some day.

      Let me know if I can help with your new goals.

  6. I go through the debate of what I want to do all the time – I think that I’m still striving for some sort of contentment, and being able to learn the ability to teach others to not make my mistakes.

    1. I completely hear you. The debate has been raging inside my head for years. That’s why it’s nice to take time and figure out a focus…if possible. Sometimes it’s not for lack of trying.

      Thanks for your thoughts EJ.

  7. Stay healthy. Mount everything in the face. Be a good Parent. Be the best I can possibly be at all times. Rest doesn’t really matter after family and friends.

  8. Aaron,

    Anxious to hear what your goal is and I will be more than happy to share mine tomorrow as well. Goals are what keeps one going through the roughest of times and it is a great ideea to share those goals with others. You never know whom might be able to help you achieve yours.

    1. Michael, I totally agree with you that goals are more than just written objectives. They can push you, pull you, and lift you up. They have a way of defining a person and without them, I think people may have less of a definition to who they are and will be.

      Look forward to hearing your goals today. Thanks for your thoughts.

  9. I have, and have had many goals over the years; have several core goals in the works right now; and know I’ll have many more goals to come. Among my past goals achieved are among those times that have been my most fulfilling.

    I certainly have my priorities, which by definition means that one thing is more important than others. I value some things more than others.

    But overall, instead of an “ultimate goal in life”, I have found it to be far more powerful to understand my life Purpose, which leads to many “ultimate” goals, confirms my priorities/values, and seems a heck-of-a-lot less frustrating than constantly searching for one goal that trumps them all.

    By knowing my Purpose (“Helping people with dreams become leaders with vision”), I can plan how I use my time, measure my goals against it, be creative and remain focused and happy. My Purpose translates into many goals and values across every part of my life.

    When I get “it” right, I find myself at The Intersection of Purpose and Now ( So I guess I DO have an Ultimate Life Goal: to live at The Intersection of Purpose and Now – all the time!

  10. Aaron, I’m glad you noticed my late reply to your fatherhood post. In actuality, my family isn’t my number one goal in life either. I am curious to see how your goals line up with the “I am third” concept.

    I’m also curious to see how you establish the premises that “going big” and “going home” are mutually exclusive, and that “do my best, push my limits, and make a difference in the world” and “get a typical 9 to 5 job and have more time to focus on my family” are mutually exclusive. I submit that these premises are invalid.

    I’m also wondering if some sort of volunteering or charity fits into the picture anywhere.

    Looking forward to specifics!

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