Against Your Will

When observing others, isn’t it critical what difference someone’s will makes in nearly every situation?

It changes everything! Look at these situations:

  • Apologizing” or “Apologizing against their will”  (A chance to fix a problem vs. a waste of time)
  • Cooking” or “Cooking against their will”  (Art vs. Action)
  • In their underwear” or “In their underwear against their will”  (Sexy vs. Abused)
  • Serving others” or “Serving others against their will”  (Noble vs. Slavery)

If you’re doing something against your will, the rest of the world notices. It’s time to do something different.

The same goes for leadership. If you’re leading someone who doesn’t want to do their job, lead them somewhere else.

The human will is powerful. Don’t fight it.

Have a great night!

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