4 Things Bloggers Will Love About Triberr!

Do you ever find something special that needs to be shared? Here’s one for all the amazing under-appreciated bloggers out there.

“A rising tide raises all boats”

The other day a friendly fellow 8pm Warrior (Andrew Syiek) told me that I needed to get the 8pm Warrior community involved with Dino Dogan and Dan Cristo and their new Triberr project.  (It’s hard not to believe in Twitter when you see how it brings people/ideas together)

It’s only available by invitation (see below), but Dino was kind enough to invite me into his tribe.  Thanks to Dino, this 8pm Warrior blog now goes out to more than 2,900,000 other people who follow my fellow tribe members.  2,900,000!


Triberr creates close knit groups that “automagically” retweet each other’s blogs at staggered regular intervals (not all at once).

Here’s what that does for a blogger:

  1. Increases exposure to each post. My readership is up 200% since joining Triberr earlier this week.
  2. Provides more value to your followers. Since it provides excellent content from your tribe, your followers get even more good stuff coming from you.
  3. Increases your Klout influence score. Everyone in your tribe mentions you each time you post.  This means major Klout points.  I’m also getting a lot of retweets of the automagic posts (see #2).  More engagement = higher Klout score.
  4. More feedback. Your fellow tribe members will become built-in blog buddies. My comments are up 300%.  (Thanks for all the discussion!)

Dino was nice enough to let me start a tribe for 8pm Warriors and I wanted to invite my fellow blogging warriors to join me.  If you consider yourself an 8pm Warrior and write great content, check out our new tribe and fill out the “Contact the Chief” form to get an invite.

Here are some other tribes that may be interesting to you as well:

If you’re interested in an invitation to another topic, please post below and I’ll see what I can do to help.  Let’s make it special.

Have a great night,

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Published by Aaron Biebert

I'm a director, film/video exec producer, leader & 8pm Warrior. I am passionately chasing my goals at all times. I'm listening. Let's talk!

18 comments on “4 Things Bloggers Will Love About Triberr!”

  1. Aaron, aloha. You are a welcome addition to Anubis; you are the type of person who adds such value to the tribe.

    Your “4 Things” are right on the mark. What I especially appreciate, Aaron, are the wonderful bloggers and blogs that I have met as a result of Triberr.

    Without a doubt, because of Triberr I am now reading blogs that are educational, entertaining or inspiring that I would likely not otherwise have found.

    And, more importantly, Aaron, I am meeting and building relationships with engaging people like you who are enriching my life. Thank you for the value you contribute to my world.

    Thx for the great post on Triberr. Best wishes for a terrific day. Aloha. Janet

    The blogs

    1. Aloha Janet!! Thanks for the kind words. The community is unbelievable and I am constantly amazed by how Triberr brings out the best of the blogging/twitter community. I’m glad to meet you and I can’t wait to see what the future holds!

  2. Aaron:

    You’re right about those four points. And there’s other benefits too.

    I’d like to add that the best approach is not what can your invite tribe do for you. The best approach is what you can build together with those tribespeople in your first triberr tribe.

    I’ve mentioned this elsewhere, but I believe it is an important insight to share.

    While Triberr offers several things that dazzle and delight, you’ll do awesome if you focus on building micro-communities, connecting with other bloggers (especially those that don’t share your particular niche or point of view), and curating people.

    Detach yourself from personal interest, smart goals, and ambitious outcomes, those items will be served (beyond your imagination) if you demonstrate a servant heart.

    1. @Stan, thanks for adding the additional insight into Triberr. I’m still learning all about it, but your strategy is intriguing. I’d like to hear more about the difference between an “invite tribe” and “first tribe”. Thanks again for the comment and insight!

  3. …hmmm..so that Klout thing is totally unintentional.

    Do you know for a fact it ticked up your Klout score? It’s kinda cool if it did, but we didnt plan for it when we developed Triberr :-)

    1. Yep, I know for a fact that it did. I’ve been tracking some data (with graphics) for a later post.

      Here’s why I think Triberr = More Klout:

      1) More mentions
      2) More retweets
      3) Regularly spaced tweets when you’re working or sleeping
      4) Other stuff that I’m forgetting right now (first three are key)

      Congrats Dino, you have built the first automatic Klout machine. :-)

      (If anyone wants to join our 8pm Warrior tribe, visit here –> http://bit.ly/kBrsme)

  4. I’m a couple-counselor and behavioral parent trainer, who do I talk to in order to connect with or start a related tribe?

  5. I’m a couple-counselor and behavioral parent trainer, who do I talk to in order to connect with or start a related tribe?

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