3 Gifts for the Entrepreneur in Your Life

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What to get the entrepreneur in your life?

For my birthday (which is today) or Christmas, loving family and friends sometimes ask what they should “get” me.  Last year, I asked for support in digging a well for a village in Africa.  This year I’m asking for something closer to home.

I get to work with some of the most talented video artists on the planet.  There are even more waiting eagerly in the wings, demo reels in hand.  It’s my job to keep them busy and it’s never easy.

For my birthday, I’m asking my friends and family for their help.

Below are three ways you can help me and other entrepreneurs chase their dreams:

Aaron at Milwaukee Art Museum


1) Seek to understand their chase


Just like it’s nice to understand that a farmer needs rain or an athlete needs to win, entrepreneurs appreciate being understood too.

Leadership can be lonely.

Many of them are risking their retirement, friendships, and health to follow their dreams.  If you care about them, join them on the journey.  Follow their business on Facebook.  Subscribe to their blog.  Have discussions with them more than once a year on their birthday.

(Personal note:  this is my life goal if you want to understand what drives me every day)


2) Share their story


In the Attention Era, even well funded marketing campaigns get lost in the shuffle. Small business owners don’t have a prayer without help from their family, friends, and happy customers.

If you see a friend of yours doing remarkable stuff, share it.  We all lose when we let great work go unnoticed.

(Personal note:  for my friends looking to help, it will make my day if you share one of our videos with your network)


3) Refer people to them


In the “old days”, it would have been unheard of to travel to another town’s general store if your own town had what you needed.  We have to stick together and referrals are one way to do it.

Since I don’t sell to consumers, I personally don’t ask my friends or family to buy our video production services.  However, I do love when my friends tell their marketing friends about me.

Many people prefer to buy from people they know and trust.  Help your friends know and trust your other friends.

  • Make introductions
  • Write Linkedin recommendations
  • Encourage people to shop locally


The entrepreneur in your life doesn’t need more sweaters, ties, or birthday cards.

They need you…to care more…not just on their birthday.

Give a great gift tonight,

Aaron @Biebert

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  • http://stanfaryna.wordpress.com Stan Faryna

    Wonderful suggestions! And happy birthday, Aaron!

  • http://twitter.com/RyanJonSheets Ryan J. Sheets

    Good stuff!

  • The Irreverent Sales Girl


  • http://www.facebook.com/arirosenthal Ari Rosenthal

    Giving constructive input, privately, can also be of value to the entrepreneur. Many e-preneurs fail because they lack instincts and good judgement.  A great idea can fail quite easily when in the wrong hands.

  • Joanne

    Joyeux Anniversaire

  • http://8pmWarrior.com Aaron Biebert

    That would be a great #4 Ari!  Thanks for adding that to the discussion.

  • http://8pmWarrior.com Aaron Biebert


  • http://8pmWarrior.com Aaron Biebert

    Thanks Sheets

  • http://8pmWarrior.com Aaron Biebert

    Thank you very much Stan!

  • http://8pmWarrior.com Aaron Biebert

    Merci pour les voeux d’anniversaire

  • Bbrasw

    The most amazing birthday request I’ve ever heard Aaron… But then, that’s what makes you the unique, talented person you are. Happy birthday, and many more!

  • http://8pmWarrior.com Aaron Biebert

    Bonnie, I’m glad to hear that.  Thanks for the birthday wishes!

  • http://cirquedumot.com/new-readers/ Susan Silver

    Happy belated Birthday.

    I could use a few of these gifts myself this year. I definitely would like some more friendly referrals for my copywriting business.

    #2 I think is the most important. You cannot pay for that type of encouragement. Sometimes the difference between a good day and a bad one is a single tweet of someone sharing something I have written. Then I remember why I keep doing this every day instead of something else :)

  • http://8pmWarrior.com Aaron Biebert

    Hey Susan! Thanks for the thoughtful comment. I appreciate it.

    #2 is very encouraging for me to. Must be a thing with writers…

    Thanks again!

  • http://stanfaryna.wordpress.com Stan Faryna

    Glad to see you writing more again, Aaron.

    I’ll be sharing this post on Facebook and Twitter.

  • http://8pmWarrior.com Aaron Biebert

    Thank you Stan!! I really appreciate you buddy. :-)

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